Welcome to Peninsula Genealogy, which is a huge project I’ve been working on for some time, to collect and publish genealogy records for the cities of Hampton, Newport News, York, Poquoson and Williamsburg.  I love genealogy and research and I noticed there was a lack of a site like this for the area where I live.

This is a work in progress, so if you are looking for something specific that is not on the site, use the contact me form to send me a request. I’m happy to look up obituaries or other records and help in any way I can.  Also, please contact me if you have records that you would like added to the site.

I’m excited to help you find your loved ones!

16 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thank you for your unending quest and dedication to the memory of our love-ones past!

      1. I’m still looking for my grandmother, think she is buried in Oakland Cemetery on Pembroke ,Frances Valentine Loper, grave 20, lot 11, block 12.

  2. Thank you for pic headstone Oakland Cemetery of my grandfather Thad A Loper. Also my mother’s brother, Jerre Loper. I am having trouble locating my grandmother’s headstone near same location as Thad Loper dob 4-02-1902. Her info: Frances Valentine Loper dob 2-14-1900. Can you help?

    1. It is my understanding that volunteers “the new new oakland cemetery association 1861” does some upkeep but not on regular basis. So there is no contact number to get more info. I know there are a lot of unmarked graves as well. This is frustrating for family members across the miles. So a HUGE GRATEFUL HUG to Dawn across the miles for all the pics and other info you have provided.

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      1. I’m actually Dawn, the one who photographed the cemetery lol. It’s been a mess for awhile and no one is responsible other than the city for all I’m aware. There was a group that was volunteering. Not sure their status. Haven’t worked on it in while.

      2. I appreciate your reply. I was so surprised to see my grandfather Thad Loper and my uncle Jerre Loper headstones. Are you available to seek out my grandmother’s headstone? Or do you know someone else that would ? Frances Valentine Loper, 1900-1986. I have the coordinates at home. I’m out of town right now. Also I’m available to help do same in Tucson Arizona for people.

    1. My family is all from Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson. After my dad’s death in 1956 we left the area. I live in Tucson, Arizona. So I’m glad to have this connection. Loper, Wikstrom family (and John Will Brown family from Sperryville, Va.)

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