Monthly Archives: August 2015

George Washington Fields

Through my work on the free website, I get emails every day from people thanking me for adding entries to the website or photographing their loved ones tombstone. Sometimes they ask me if I can do some additional research for them, which I’m always very happy to do. Sometimes I get requests to use my photos in various ways, either on or in a publication of some sort. I had a request a few years back to use 3 of my photos in a book entitled “The Indomitable George Washington Fields: From Slave to Attorney”. The author sent me a link to the online copy, and I think it’s a fascinating read. I thought I’d share here.

My pictures appear on pages 33, 91, and 116. I’m very happy when doing something that I love comes back to help create something like this. Our area really is rooted in history, and it’s fascinating to learn about it.