Agnes White

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Daily Press
July 11, 1905

Death of Mrs. White

Funeral services to take place in St. John’s Cemetery this afternoon

Mrs. Agnes Belle White, wife of Robert White, of Hampton, died at her home, 127 Elizabeth Street, Sunday night at 9:20 o’clock. She had been a great sufferer for the last five months with tuberculosis, being confined to her bed all the time.

Mrs. White was 35 years old. She was a daughter of Mr. Leonard Sheetz, and is survived by three sisters-Mrs. J. G. Wood, Mrs. W. E. Lawson and Mrs. Ferguson, and two brothers-Messrs. Jesse Sheetz and Leonard Sheetz, Jr.

Mrs. White made all arrangements for her funeral and requested her family that her wishes should be carried out, which will be done. She wanted her body taken from home direct to St. John’s cemetery and have only the simple burial service at the grave. Mrs. Frank Reese will sing “Meet Me There”, which hymn she sang a few nights before her death. The services will be at 5 o’clock this afternoon, conducted by Rev. A. C. Hopkins, of the Presbyterian church.

Mrs. White also selected the first four pallbearers who waited on her when married – L. F. Whiting, Dr. J. Wilton Hope, Rev. R. H. White, of Charleston, SC, Charles Cake, of Norfolk, Samuel Howard and G. A. Warthen.

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