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George Washington Fields

Through my work on the free website, I get emails every day from people thanking me for adding entries to the website or photographing their loved ones tombstone. Sometimes they ask me if I can do some additional research for them, which I’m always very happy to do. Sometimes I get requests to use my photos in various ways, either on or in a publication of some sort. I had a request a few years back to use 3 of my photos in a book entitled “The Indomitable George Washington Fields: From Slave to Attorney”. The author sent me a link to the online copy, and I think it’s a fascinating read. I thought I’d share here.

My pictures appear on pages 33, 91, and 116. I’m very happy when doing something that I love comes back to help create something like this. Our area really is rooted in history, and it’s fascinating to learn about it.

Old cemeteries on Mulberry Island (now Fort Eustis, NPN)

Very interesting page I found about the old cemeteries of Mulberry Island, now known as Fort Eustis. The most interesting thing I saw on here, was that when the US Govt bought the property in 1918, they gave the families 30 days to remove the dead and relocate them. For some that did not comply, the graves, tombstones and all, were dug up and used in a fill by the river, their previous burial spot covered over with concrete. How is this humane? I really don’t understand.