Elizabeth Chiles

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Daily Press
August 15, 1908

E. B. Chiles very ill

Well known liveryman not expected to recover

Mr. Edward B. Chiles, a former member of the city council and for many years a liveryman of Hampton, was reported as being very ill last night. Mr. Chiles has been unconscious and unable to take food since last Mondayevening and the attending physicians yesterday pronounced his case as hopeless. It was said at 11 o’clock last night that Mr. Chiles was just alive and that he could not live many hours longer. Mr. Chiles is widely known through the Virginia Peninsula as a horseman. He is fifty-eight years old.

Mrs. Elizabeth Chiles, 90 years old, mother of the ill man, is lying desperately ill in an adjoining room.


Daily Press
January 1, 1909

Death claims Mrs. Elizabeth Chiles

Well known and much respected old lady passed away in Wine Street last evening

Mrs. Elizabeth Chiles, 80 years old, died in her residence in Wine Street last evening at 7:10 o’clock. Mrs. Chiles had been ill several months, and for the past several weeks her condition gradually gre worse. She was the daughter of the late W. S. Smith and was born and raised in this county. Mrs. Chiles is survived by two grandchildren, Mrs. M. H. Morgan and Dr. Edward Chiles Creekmore. She was a woman of refinement and a staunch member of the Hampton Baptist Church. She was born September 13, 1828.

Funeral services will be conducted from the Baptist Church tomorrow afternoon at 12:30 o’clock by Rev. E. Pendleton Jones, DD, and the burial will be made in the Chiles burying grounds near Hampton.

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