Frederick Wiley

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Daily Press
February 17, 1910

Death of Mr. F. J. Wiley

A dispatch to the Baltimore Sun from St. Mary’s Maryland says:

The funeral of Mr. Frederick James Wiley, who died at his home on the Patuxent River, near Millstone, St. Mary’s County took place Wednesday at Trinity Episcopal Church, St. Mary’s City. Services were conducted by Rev. Millard F. Minnick. The pallbearers were: Messrs. Williard Moore, William Bennett, Edward Fish, Brooke Thomas, Joseph Biscoe and Frank Hayden. Mr. Wiley was the son of the late Rev. John Wiley and Sarah Ann Wiley, of Baltimore.

Mr. Wiley is survived by his widow, Mrs. Willie Stanton Wiley, daughter of the late William N. Stanton, of Memphis, teen., and niece of the late ex-Gov. F. P. Stanton of Kansas, and three sons and two daughters. They are Fred S. Wiley, of Baltimore County, John and Walter T. Wiley, of Newport News, VA, Miss Mary S. Wiley, of St. Mary’s County, and Mrs. B. J. Priester, of Paducah, KY.

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