Robert Watson

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Daily Press
March 12, 1952

Old Hampton resident dies

Ailing 81-year-old Robert A. Watson, a lifelong resident of Hampton, was found dead from “wounds self-inflicted,” a .38 caliber revolver by his side at 7:20 last night and his home at 445 Holt St.

Hampton police chief L. H. Nicholson, city manager L. D. James and Hampton patrolmen went to the scene when George L. Bewley of 443 Holt St. called police after seeing the body through a kitchen window lying on a bed in the room which served as a bedroom also.

Four bullets had been discharged from the gun which was alongside the body, according to Chief Nicholson, he said Watson had been in poor health for at least three months.

Bewley told police that he hadn’t seen his neighbor – known locally as “Capt. Bob” – and looked into the kitchen/bedroom last night.

Dr. Paul J. Parker, corner, said that Watson who had been a fisherman all his life, had been dead “some hours – more than six, and the wounds were self-inflicted.”

The body was taken to the Lawrence B. Wood funeral home.

Watson is survived by several nieces, one of whom is Mrs. Wallace Johnson of Meredith Park, and nephews.

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