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Greenlawn graves robbed

Connie Morris sent me this article a few years back that I thought was interesting enough to share.

Daily Press
December 8, 1903

The local police force are on the trail of an organized band of ghouls, who for many weeks, it is believed, have been engaged in desecrating the graves in Greenlawn Cemetery and robbing the newly-interred bodies of their jewelry, shrouds and clothing. From discoveries made, it is evident that this private practice has been carried on, but to what extent is not known. Two bodies that were exhumed for the purpose of removal to other lots, were discovered to be in a completely nude condition, notwithstanding the fact that both bodies had been interred in handsome and costly clothing. The bodies were those of Mrs. Edwin Thompson and her father, John Nicholas, and the discovery was made by Mr. Thompson himself. Both bodies had been embalmed before burial, and were in a good state of preservation when the coffins were opened for the purpose of identification, and the discovery was made.